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Like What You Do And Others Will Too

Normally, I don’t write positivity or inspirational posts because I’m a grumpy bastard and I find people who are always upbeat and “Yay! Life!” to be the Most. 465 more words

A Tear In The Veil

Look At The Good

This is just a quick little post, but I noticed on Facebook this morning that some people really do thrive on spreading controversy under the cloak of educating people. 188 more words


I like Japan... Honestly

So far, I am happy with how this blog is going. I am still very ignorant about a lot of things about blogging, but the layout looks very nice. 304 more words

When I look in the mirror


I have been really beating myself up lately about not posting and not doing vlogs and I am really sorry about that I have missed that. 982 more words


50 Years in 962 Words

The Chicago Tribune read “Assassin Kills Kennedy”, I was 4 months old and the Beatles had arrived in the U.S.

Elementary school was filled with stress along with happy days of learning cursive, mastering times tables, recess on a playground backed with cornfields, and back to the tasks of reaching the highest SRA reading levels, and figuring out which direction was North without the use of a map.  905 more words

Being Strong