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Freedom From Depression

Although we quite often feel that we have a miserable life, this is nothing more than a cycle in which we imprison ourselves made of sorrow and disappointment. 326 more words


The Unhappy Weeping Willow Tree ( A story for young girls, 8 to 12 yrs to combat the trend of dissatisfaction with looks, photoshopping, skinny models, and cosmetic surgery

The Unhappy Weeping Willow Tree

A young weeping willow lived on the edge of a riverbank. From her home she could see fields, hedges, a beautiful wood and a mountain. 603 more words

Nice Refreshing Fuck You Drink

I wanted to quickly capture this moment, this feeling before it leaves as mysteriously as it arrived.

I woke up this morning feeling an incredible and unexplained sense of confidence, of empowerment, of lightness.  116 more words

Letting Go

Happiness on a Friday morning

What is the better moment than now, to feel happiness and gratitude?

When I woke up my boys this morning I felt nothing but gratitude for the fact that they are in my life. Great feeling to acknowledge



How my dog saved my life

So my dog never pulled me out of well or pushed me away from oncoming traffic. The irony here is my dog is a collie and is very much like the famous “Lassie.” In fact she is probably the opposite of a life saver… If a bear was approaching she would probably be the first to run away. 169 more words

MRC - New Hope

Well this is just going to be a quick entry because I’ve got some running around to do before the start of DragonCon.  Whoops, about to get side tracked talking about DragonCon. 682 more words

Being Happy

Post #104

A podcast I listened to this morning discussed loving yourself. Specifically, the idea that if you don’t love yourself you cannot lose weight. They went on to say that the root of any weight loss journey is really to learn how to love yourself and to be happy. 288 more words