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10 Ways to Help Eliminate the Emotional Stress in Your Life

Driving on the freeways of the Los Angeles area can be pretty tough and stressful.  This is especially true during rush hour.  Sometimes I wonder how so many people can drive in traffic for hours a day.  904 more words


A Lesson Learned

So, yesterday I went to South River Walk Park, one of my favorite places, to do some shooting. It was a particularly cloudy which can make for awesome sunsets. 676 more words

Tales From The Darkside

Maintaining My Balance

Over the past handful of weeks, I’ve started to increasingly feel as though things were a bit out of whack and that my life felt more stressful than it should. 447 more words


Building Habits with Lift

It’s great to set yourself ambitious goals, but the problem many people face is that they – even if they are highly motivated – lose track after some time and do not focus enough on the way itself to getting to that goal. 247 more words

Personal & Professional Development


I think I’ve finally figured this one out. Why do humans dance?

I’m pretty sure that it’s only humans. At least, after all the hours I’ve seen of wild animals doing their thing, none of them have ever gotten up and boogied. 437 more words



a boy, alone, shadows, crafted by leaves, filtered sunlight, these empty days, with no obligations, wandering wonders, of the world, this moment, heart pounding, he runs, chasing the hunted, hunted by a hunter, swift, silent, silence, look right, look left, up, swerves, he whirls, the unknown still unknown, dusk, rods and cones, mesopic optics confused, blue, green, dark blood, drips slowly, drop, surrounded, he flees, raised among the markets, he retreats, returns to them, passing tree upon tree, dodge, duck, jump, hide, sprint, back back back, to the artificial, light, light of man, man’s lit streets, beasts cannot roam, the ones created by nature, disallowed, too afraid, unable to survive, this maze of brick, steel, dung, motive means, rigid paths, paved more, less, to drive, anonymous exchange, eye of God, attempts, a reminder, that indeed we do trust, that, which isn’t, what, a boy, should know.