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Baptism by K1

by Franz Fuls

White water kayakers enjoy making private jokes about the K1 paddling fraternity, and understandably so.

You see, the white water paddlers have a completely different drive behind their exposure to rivers. 1,050 more words


Sister's in War - A Flame in Shining Armour.

**For added enjoyment, please read the first two blog entries I have posted of this Short Series. They can be found in the archives to the right of this story. 1,248 more words

Short Story


This is the start my first serious attempt at sculpture. I have had sculptural forms in my paintings before; for example:

but now I’m going to try getting it off the canvas and into the three dimensional world. 145 more words


AEM Development Workflow - Part 3 (Coding Old School)

In this series I have been trying to define the various development workflows (that have existed or will arise in near future) and what sort of problems do I see with each of those.  1,476 more words


Analyzing Verb Tenses to Sequence Events in a Song


A. Listen to the song once for general understanding.

B. Listen again to fill in the blanks with the verbs in the song. The verbs may be in the simple present, present progressive, simple past, simple future, or present perfect forms. 409 more words


What race should I play?

When choosing your Rogue’s race, it is important to take their racial bonuses into account. Below I will list all the races and give my opinion on which are better suited for a Rogue. 747 more words