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The Man with the Twisted Lip

The Man with the Twisted Lip

Do you ever go somewhere you don’t normally go and then meet someone you do know and then wonder, “Why in the heck would they be here?” John finds himself in a similar situation in this story. 1,632 more words


How Should We Respond to Begging?

Those of us who have lived in India for a while are accustomed to the sight of a beggar. As children we are taught to help the needy, and we grow up with the notion that giving money to beggars is a commendable act of charity. 572 more words

Students Skip Meals to Feed the Homeless

At a time when the gap between the rich and the poor is widening, a group of students from Madras Christian College (MCC) are sacrificing a meal each week in order to feed the homeless people of Chennai. 344 more words

Prosjekt: Tigging

I 2015 innføres det nasjonalt tiggeforbud. Jeg hadde et ønske om å møte menneskene som tigger i Oslo sine gater og høre hva de tenker. Språket kom til kort og samtalene ble korte, men jeg publiserer likevel her portrettene av noen av Oslo sine tiggere. 74 more words


Croydon police attack the homeless

Police in Croydon are on a drive to fight people they see as responsible for rough sleeping and begging – in other words the homeless.   82 more words


#879 - Beggars

The cats love people food. Especially baloney, apparently.

Sketch A Day

Ha ke na chelete

In the past tourists and missionaries have freely passed out candy and money to Basotho so that everywhere I go I hear, “Ke kopa dicoco!” Or “Ke kopa chelete!” Meaning I request candy or money. 244 more words

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