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Twin Lanterns Lariat

Necklace with a tubular chain. The Lantern or Lampion Pendant I have posted before separately (see my post ‘Lampion’ from 2014-05-11). This week I connected two of these lanterns to a chenille stitch chain. 57 more words

Beaded Jewelry

Pearl Tiffany

More bicones! I just love them. This time combined with pearls. Very tiny ones, that you can only pass through once with the thinnest Fireline, and bigger ones in the round elements in between the diamonds. 17 more words

Beaded Jewelry

Top Reasons Why Buying Acrylic Beads Is A Must

The great diversity of the jewelry making industry means that new materials are always being introduced on the market now and then. With demand for beaded jewelry being high at all times due to the stunning and uniqueness of these beads, jewelry making beads have become a favorite for many. 481 more words

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Tiffany Blueheart

An experiment with bicones, one of my favorite beads. I like the way they sit next to each other and form shapes. As a clasp I again used my Double Fibula Wire clasp but I flattened the steel. 12 more words

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Gold Victoria

After the Teal Victoria I posted a couple of weeks ago now the Gold variation. Apart from the different color scheme and a different clasp I refined the fringe slightly.

Beaded Jewelry


This was the very first technique I learned when I started beading 4 years ago. It is a North American Indian technique and very good for beginners. 21 more words

Beaded Jewelry

Saturn Earrings

Pair of matching earrings with last week’s necklace.

Beaded Jewelry