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God has a desire for us to enjoy life. This does not mean that things will always be easy or stop lights will always be green, but it does mean that we can find contentment where we are at.   598 more words

Quotes on Quotes on Quotes

There are so many inspirational people in this world, with a hell of  a lot to say. Athletes, models, presidents, moms, dads, brothers, sisters, teachers, etc. 542 more words


Blue (close up)

Old work just found again.

Abstract art has been a subconscious natural outlet for me. I have many examples of work like this done in between other things I was working on at the time. 6 more words

Quote of the day

My few words of intention are…

“Be with someone that makes you happy. After that, life figures it’s self out.”

Enjoy Labor Day everyone. Enjoy the people close to you and celebrate the fact that you live in a great country. 6 more words


Yes Virginia, There is a Regina George.

Dear Diary,

Regina George is alive and well. Queen of the mean girls. We all have known at least one. “Raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimized by Regina George.” That’s what I thought. 381 more words

Be Happy

Feel motivated at work - the quick how to guide

What is about:

Dan Arley’s engaging talk unpacks what motivates us to labour, to work. Dan demonstrates that futile work, work without end, with reputation and nor purpose is the most de-motivating type of work we can do.  168 more words

Be Happy