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Six Signature Superhero Sound Effects!

Longbox Graveyard #136

One of the singular pleasures of being a comic book fan is puzzling out their onomatopoetically-rendered sound effects!

Sound Effects” from MAD, by the brilliant Wally Wood… 688 more words

Jack Kirby

The Pilot

Korath the Pursuer: Who are you?
Peter Quill: My name is Peter Quill, but there’s another name you might know me by… Star-Lord.
Korath the Pursuer: Who? 989 more words


Death Wish

Of the many master martial artists in the DC Universe, Lady Shiva is arguably the greatest of them all. First appearing in Richard Dragon, Kung Fu Fighter… 1,133 more words


My Labor Day Weekend 2014 TV Marathon Report

I’m grateful every day to have a job that observes the largely superfluous privilege of Labor Day. I spent most of the weekend recovering from “con crud” and saving up energy and money for future chores and exploits. 1,328 more words


Spoiler Reveal

Spoiler Reveal:

First of all sorry for the late post today I’ll try and do better next time.

So I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been noticing way too much revealing in super hero movies these days. 183 more words


Netflix Shocks Everyone By Buying The Exclusive Rights To 'Gotham' Before It Even Airs

Netflix clearly wants us all to know they have a lot of cash burning a hole in their pockets. First they go out and pull off… 388 more words


Futures End Comic Covers - Previews

The New 52: ¬†Futures End is a series that starts off 35 years in the future, simultaneously all of the DC titles fast forward 5 years into the future from the present where… 194 more words