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About the blog.

Hey world! 

I was assigned to create a blog for a computer science class, so…here I am. 

After a few days of unsucessfully trying to come up with something to blog about a fellow classmate simply asked, “So what are you into?”  I responded with, “I’m into yoga.”  Then SHE came up with, “Why don’t you review yoga studios in the area?”  93 more words


Seeing a Dentist in Wilkes Barre can Help You Bring in More Greenbacks

Creating this positive emotional contagion is something that anyone who regularly gets involved in making deals must do. However, if your teeth aren’t quite presentable enough, smiling to win big in business might be a rather difficult proposition. 67 more words

Class Schedule

I know a lot of you are asking when and where I teach, so I thought it could be helpful to post it on here in one easy to find place! 89 more words

Another goal....accomplished!

So this morning I hit another milestone in my weight loss journey. I had hit a dreaded plateau where I was stuck for a few weeks. 558 more words


2 Guys Review Physique 57

Imagine if you will, the ballet barre. Dotted from left to right with svelte, legging-clad babes. They delicately pulsate in their well-practiced plié , their polished fingers daintily grazing the bar. 846 more words


Barre3 In The Park And A Friend Date

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone is having a relaxing day before the start of the new week. We started the day with church, then went to lunch with my parents and brother. 992 more words