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That Monday feeling.....

What is it about Monday that people dread? It puzzles me sometimes just how it is such a bad prospect. Is the beginning of a new week that bad? 483 more words

More Than Just Children

Not even a doodle

I don’t really have bad days anymore. Not in the same way. No more of the endless lethargy that used to have me in its clutches. 1,016 more words


Parents-How to Understand them? (Part 2)

It is a long topic that has no end but still we need to have a conclusion , i mean , if not , then end will always be devastating.  437 more words


Life's Too Short

It’s so easy nowadays, especially the millennial generation, to get stuck. We all have goals and aspirations and we all want to achieve them in our lifetimes. 517 more words

Dont fit

& even though she didn’t live in a world of mad destruction, she understood it…understood people who lived in it, & that was why she never fit.  34 more words