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WTF Is Wrong With These People?

By these people, I mean (some) male gamers:

Earlier this week, feminist critic Anita Sarkeesian posted the latest in a series of crowdfunded videos called Tropes vs.

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Bad Behavior

So Embarrassing Vol. 2

Last week I confessed that most of my embarrassing moments include nudity of some sort. This one doesn’t include nudity but…..*Sigh*

Here goes…. VOL. 2… 814 more words

#DexcomFAIL **New** #UserError

I found a new way to fuck up my diabetes… guess what I did this time… so I have the bad habit of changing my dexcom later in the evening,… usually just before bed, so 11pm, give or take. 233 more words

Dog: 1 Me: 0

You have a dog, awesome.  Dogs are cool, but not in my store.  What happened in your brain to make you think that dogs were allowed and acceptable in places of business?   101 more words


Hi, I'm apparently the asshole.

So you’re probably wondering why the fuck someone would create a blog about themselves being an asshole, right?  Let me explain.  You see, we are intelligent, well-rounded people with common sense, manners and class.   148 more words


Obscene Gesture = $12,000 Fine For Manziel

Cleveland Browns controversial quarterback Johnny Manziel has made headlines once again for his shenanigans.

This time he flipped the bird to the Washington Redskins bench during the game Monday night. 176 more words



Disrespect: v. to sense that a human has much less value because of (immorality and/or criminality) and/or (many inadequate skills in a profession and/or (bad and/or wrong behaviors)) and/or inadequate experience… 191 more words

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