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Arizona, We Finally Meet.

What an adventure the past three days has been.

Early Saturday morning I woke up ready for the next part of my journey to begin. I was ready to start Wwoofing. 1,281 more words

Prizren, Kosovo.

Since the weather was meant to be bad starting from the afternoon, we didn’t go to the south coasts of Albania but the day was so hot. 1,005 more words

2 days to go!

Only 2 days to go!! Chinese Visas at the ready!!


The ultimate travel playlist

With solid wifi connections few and far between on the road you are going to want to have your music source fully stocked for long train trips, days at the beach and impromptu sing-offs! 52 more words



Night had fallen on the small Lake Ropi campsite, letting the stars and moon and glimmers of planets blink to life. The world dropped away to the mountain ridges on either side of the lake with Pyramid Peak towering to the west. 653 more words

Alberta Falls, CO

The best part about Alberta Falls is how easy of a hike it is.  Round trip is just 1.7 miles and has just 250 feet of elevation gain, making it a leisurely hike and suitable for kids as well!  610 more words