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Big Kid

So apparently, because I am a stay at home wife/nanny it is my job to keep up on all the house work… HA.

I enjoy cleaning, but help is always welcome. 204 more words


Don't Touch My Toast

I have been nannying in a family for 6 weeks. It’s 8.30 am and the children are eating their breakfast when the older one asked for a second slice of toast. 134 more words

Au Pair


Good afternoon, readers! I’m still not sure about the new look of this blog – so be prepared to see some more change over the next week or two. 171 more words


Joys of Babysitting annnd More

First order of business, I havent posted in FOREVER. Why? Because I lost my phone. I somehow managed to loose my phone in my house. I literally didn’t leave the house at all and I think I lost it in my couch. 601 more words

Daily Diary

No, I'm Serious: Doctor Princesses Exists as a Game

At least to 3 year old J, it exists. This is her most favorite game to play, and I’ll admit, it was fun the first time we played it. 304 more words


September Classes

September is National Preparedness Month, and what better way to prepare than to take a class so you’ll be ready for an emergency? Go to redcross.org or call 800-733-2767 to register. 517 more words

Gracing us with her presence...

August 26, 2014 Tuesday

My sister Pauline is in town for the week. She arrived today and brought with her plenty of California sun.  After picking her up from the airport, we went straight to business. 262 more words