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We are growing every day, whether it be mentally or physically, we are growing.

As I have wrote before, I was bullied a lot in grade school. 410 more words


Project Reviving The Bookworm Within

Brace yourselves, a new idea is coming.

Okay, sorry for that. I admit, it was so lame and trying hard. Anyway, on to the agenda for this post. 169 more words

Life In Progress

MySQL Configuration: Set root password on Windows / WAMP Server

When we first install WAMP, there is no password associated with the root user. If we go to the MySQL console through our WAMP panel, we can just hit ‘enter’ to e granted access to the system. 156 more words



I just got excited because I recognized my host mom’s voice. Then I started thinking about how much moving into a new culture makes you a baby again. 90 more words

Peace Corps


Timid is like a gum that has been stuck with me for a very long time. See how long it took me to write a single post and publish it?   102 more words

Baby Steps

Today was a baby steps day.

Last night, I had a friend hang out for a couple hours while Buddy was at rehearsal.  It’s her last week in town, so it was really important to both of us to get together.  734 more words


4th Arrow of Life

What does it mean to live? Were we just created to live and just die or is there something deeper behind it? Life is how you make it, either you can make something of your life or you can get dying. 117 more words