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Lana solara WCMT with silk..........

Oh I do love a Rainbow! This WCMT has been converted with a Lana solara and has a smooth Navy silk on the reverse and on the underside of the hood. 25 more words


Shiver me paisley WCMT............

I was very pleased to receive this wrap to convert as it’s been on my oooooooooh list for quite some time. I am quite partial to a skull as many if you will know :) 104 more words


Baby sling a friend gave me. First time using it and I love it!


Ouch!!! Successful Sling


I woke up Sunday before last with a toothache, just out of the blue.  It was strange, just coming on like that.  No problem with my regular evening’s brushing and flossing Saturday night.   107 more words

Baby Sling

Where the four leaf clovers grow....

I have been eagerly wanting to get this carrier finished as the embroidery and poem go perfectly with this Natibaby clover wrap.

This is an in-between size carrier and comes with all the extras. 84 more words


Natibaby balloons with hemp SMT wrap tai........

This carrier is beautifully soft and cushy and made completely custom sized in preschool width and toddler height.

It has numerous Swarovski crystals dotted about the night sky on the front panel and also on the hood for that extra sparkle. 32 more words


Simplymeitai vintage in between.....

Thai simplymeitai is made from vintage fabric that I have coordinated with silk and snugly cord.

In-between sized with neck and leg padding, standard padded waist and padded mei tai straps. 28 more words