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Age is just a number

Last month, one of the Daily Prompts said “age is just a number” and then asked whether it’s a number I care about or ignore. 436 more words


Izzy's Summer Vacation

Why haven’t I written lately?  Because Izzy and I went to the beach with our good friends Ron and Alfie.

Unfortunately it rained almost the whole time we were there! 173 more words


I started this blog as an exercise for an online polytech course.

I have kept it alive mostly as an exercise in communicating. I truly believe I have lived through some amazing times…and am ready to accept there’s more to come. 79 more words

Life From 1958 Onwards

Day Eight Hundred and Seventeen of Unemployment-Fifty and Unemployed

Last Nooner Yoga

This is the last free yoga summer class put on by Lululemon. I can’t believe that summer is almost over. It was so nice to run downtown and then do an outside yoga class in the view of the mountains and water. 475 more words

I love the dead...or In the Beginning part 4

My ears were opened by my brother.

This is true in a number of ways but the event I am talking about happened in 1973,.There’s a “remember when” meme out there that has a  sort of  335 more words

Life From 1958 Onwards

Yes, these are my shoes.

Dear Diary,

These are my huarache platform shoes. I have had them since 1975, and they have moved into every closet of every place I’ve ever lived in since. 478 more words

Baby Boomer

Back to the City

More people prefer to live near the center of a city or town, minimizing commutes and located near restaurants and entertainment.  This seems to be a shift away from the traditional urban migration to suburban space.  49 more words