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Greetings & Salutations

Hi! I’m your average teenage girl. Except for the part where I’m awkward, have no life, and I don’t really like people. Not that I don’t like you. 103 more words


The 3 Things I Learned About College

It was my first day of college today at UW-Milwaukee, and these are the things I learned.

1) Everyone walking, running, biking, or boarding on campus seemed extremely pissed off. 148 more words


I told me so

It really can be disadvantageous to be intuitive and perceptive. Sadly, I truly do accurately understand motivations and reasons that people act and react. Call it experience from years of intently observing others and their interactions, or experience of my very own for the sake of survival, or simply innately astute, its an absolute reality that I am proficient in that. 719 more words


The truth about Dairy Queen

I have been obsessed with Dairy Queen every since I was a little one.

Maybe it has something to do with my parents using it to bribe my siblings and I if we behaved. 938 more words


I'm back for real this time! Maybe... Hopefully

Alright, it’s been a while… but I’m back – whether or not I won’t disappear from the face of the planet or not again, I don’t know. 322 more words


Lessons from Lyme: Trapped

I hate feeling trapped in a broken body. I hate how much my broken body affects my husband and my parents. Lyme is a terrible, awful, debilitating disease. 333 more words

Lessons From Lyme


I’m currently working on a story about a little pig person.