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Awesome Thing of the Day: MUSIC!!


Oh…ma…gawd I jussa LOVE music.  I love all kinds of music, from all different eras.  Of course I have preferences and favorites (and things I refuse to listen to because it actually hurts, and possibly makes a person lose brain cells) but to me, music truly is magic.  614 more words


Elimination Diet - Rebranded

Check out the latest that I wrote for Healthy B Daily…they’ve got an awesome site!


The Elimination Diet – Rebranded

The Elimination Diet is a popular tool to help people determine any sensitivities to foods that may be unknowingly causing symptoms like weight gain, bloating, heartburn, stiff joints, acne, feeling tired and lethargic…etc. 498 more words


Awesome Thing of the Day: Nature

Chillin’ here today with my FurFace. I am always humbled and just blown away by the awesome that is nature. Man, this place is beautiful :) You win my love today, you Green Goddess!


Video: Charli XCX - "Break The Rules"

“Charli XCX and her pop-perfect hooks have been just a little busy for the past two years, propelling artists like Icona Pop and Iggy Azalea up the charts.

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Video: Intergalactix - "Tuesday"

Over the past couple months, I’ve been gushing over Intergalactix. Now, I’ve got a video to share with you guys!

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Newest Love – Intergalactix 

Stream Intergalactix’s Debut EP!


Reiki Practitioner

In need of healing? I also do distance work ;)