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Outside the Box

To sleep upon that nest of ‘rules‘ and ‘should be’s‘ is to slip into the shadows of old conditioning. That is not what I want for my journey at this time. 246 more words

Everyday Connection

Short and Sweet #150 – The World of Opposites

There is a common saying that opposites attract. This is often said about relationships; however, it is greater than that because we live in a world of opposites. 393 more words


Recollections of Dream Space

“God has ordered the universe, and He has bestowed upon humanity the gift of Science, for humans to know the blessings of life.”  -C. E. Eksuzian. 216 more words


Yellow Fused

Morning rose mused,

Strung high yellow fused,

Melodic mood rhythmic,

Sweet petal tuned,

Play early morn mooned,

Stirred romantic,

Love danced.

Wright On


Character Stats Guide - Episode XI - Awakening

You might remember the post about the character stats our old Viral once posted on his forum blog.
What you will see here is exactly the same system, but updated for the next upcoming update “Episode XI – Awakening”. 228 more words

Text Tutorials

Be good to each other

To cheer us all up, here’s a great cartoon from Nate Swinehart – a fantastic and funny reminder of why it’s so important to be good to each other, especially in dark times… 12 more words



Between where I am and where I wish to be
Is the measure of all stress
Between what I have and what I want
Is just a reason to impress… 58 more words