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Poems without Titles

I’m terrible at titles. Really. Ask any of my exasperated tutors. At some point in the last year, I developed a rather tragic habit of titling poems with the date of where they were written – frankly, it’s just not acceptable behaviour. 478 more words

Tomorrow, imorgon, huomena ...

There’s only one thing in my mind right now – the Snickers I hid away in the cupboard when I got home tonight (I was ever so subtle… 106 more words


Raise The Horns For Halloween / Dead Horse

Autumn has made it’s presence well and truly known here in the North, and the preparations for All Hallows’ Eve are beginning. I’m going to be selecting the greatest Halloween related paraphernalia that I can uncover, and sharing it here for you to enjoy as the days get darker, the cold starts to take hold and the dead start to shift in the soil.






Dreary Days

Dreary days mean cider-scented candles and pumpkin-hued yarn. Yessir. It does.

The days have been miserably humid and muggy, followed by a series of thunderstorms that continually blow through with enough force to knock out power, then going out like a lamb, quiet and drizzly. 262 more words


First sign of Autumn in my back yard

This tiny Sycamore seedling tree is one of the many mini trees I have growing in my yard. As I was watering my plants last evening I noticed how beautiful Autumn colours had flooded into this little tree’s leaves. 8 more words

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