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Mrs. Berman

She’s gone.

It happened 9 days ago on a Sunday night when I wasn’t there. The only thing my mind could grasp as my mom told me over the phone was that Jessie still needed to get a pedicure. 700 more words


Weekly Gratitude List

This is earlier than it would usually be as I’m home sick. I came home from work early yesterday sounding like something from The Grudge and have spent most of my time hiding in my office watching Doctor Who and Youtube videos. 336 more words


Friendship From Tragedy

Something really neat happened to me & it involves Tarot toward the end of the story so I thought I’d share here since many of you are into Tarot as collectors, readers, and/or artists. 863 more words

Kate Bush Tickets



On 26th of August, one week ago today, Kate Bush performed live for the first time in 35 years. Her shows have received incredible reviews and the publicity has seen sales of all her albums skyrocket. 112 more words


Lacock Abbey


My wife and I often complain that we don’t make enough use of our National Trust membership. The other day though went a long way to ease that complaint at least for this year’s membership. 333 more words


The camera doesn’t always tell the truth. The aperture widens, the shutter opens for one three-hundred-twentieth of a second, a sensor behind it gathers in the photons –are they waves or particles?– and records the information gathered, sending electrons to a wafer of silicon. 247 more words


Why Write and... Stuff

I don’t know what to write. All I know is I should write something. Anything? No, just something. It’s better than nothing, ain’t it? 427 more words