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"Must be Aspie": Limiting one's self to dating within the spectrum

I don’t know about you, but to me, courtship is like juggling bars of wet soap while blindfolded, walking a tightrope, and reciting Shakespeare in Elvish. 278 more words

Go ahead and jump: Thoughts on Musical Minds

Within the first ten minutes of Musical Minds, we are presented with a radio broadcaster’s profile of a local resident, known only to him as “The Sidewalk Singer.” This is the first and only time we hear a complete outsider’s perspective on either of the two individuals leading us down the path of what living with high-functioning autism might be like. 734 more words


* Using puppets for teaching social skills

I have used puppets for many years to enhance my social skills groups for kids in kindergarten through second grade (and occasionally third).  What are the benefits and drawbacks of puppetry?  612 more words


Oh, Japan! What are you thinking!

Letting all your babies live and shit!

I was working on crunching some numbers for my special video dedication to that Douche Bag, Elizabeth Cohen at CNN, when a little something caught my eye. 485 more words


I am completely "Cheer Mom" -ed out...

Between Homecoming and Kate’s box…

I have spent so much time at Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, Lowes, and the Party store…

And then I spent a bunch of the weekend elbow deep in bedazzlement. 11 more words


What I Read

My SPD resources, my library:

Making sense of your senses, Auer

Coming Through the Fog, Tami A. Goldstein

Love You to Pieces, Creative Writers on Raising a Child with Special Needs, Kamata, ed. 113 more words


Thoughts on Books and My Brother

This is going to be a slice-of-life post, I guess.

Today, I finished reading American Gods, made myself some tea – after spilling loose tealeaves all over the rug-covered floor and picking up every little individual stem, leaf, and blossom – and then sat down at my desk and started querying the list of agents I made up earlier in the week (from researching who’s accepting YA fiction and checking in with the Preditors vs. 299 more words