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CDC nonsense revisited... Again

source: http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1165664

Come on, this is classic. It appears to be yet another textbook case of defaming the messenger (Hooker) and massaging/suppressing the message ( 627 more words


I'll take autism with that holiday please

It’s 5:24am and it’s Labor Day.

Washing machine going, dryer on.

It’s Monday, yup that’s a wash day….but it’s a holiday.

Scamper…scamper….pitter pat….pitter pat…buzz…buzz. “oops….that’s not right,” beep…beep…”oh no, that’s not right,” “I can try again,” beep….beep…. 622 more words



Dr. Corinne Allen – Autism & The Brain

When the fish are sick, do you give them a pill? Of course not! You change the water. 420 more words

Biz Opportunities

Is Threequel a Word?

Last week I had to bring Jack for an appointment at the eye doctor.

This is fun for a few reasons. I get a long stretch of time alone with my son. 1,238 more words


Problems with communication are universal among autistic people, but they can be expressed in very different ways. One thing that seems to be quite common is a temporary inability to speak – sometimes called selective mutism or being nonverbal. 734 more words


What do you know about gluten?

Gluten Free!  That claim is showing up everywhere, some of which are extremely silly.  I recently saw one listed by a bowl of hard-boiled eggs at a conference breakfast. 82 more words


I'm starting to see a pattern

Haven’t posted anything in a while or been that involved in social media. I have been trying to get my hands on some kind of employment. 980 more words