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A Question for Your Self

If you could step outside of yourself and look at you, would the you looking back know that you love her? Would you see an individual who knows she is beautiful, creative, cherished, supported, and valued? 335 more words

Mindful Monday: 3 Surprisingly Simple Questions to Help You Live More Authentic Life

We all want to be authentic and enjoy life. But sometimes, our intentions just don’t match with reality, our actions. We might want to have more family time or alone time to enjoy our hobby, but we find ourselves working overtime. 485 more words

Mindful Monday

Finding Your Authentic Self

  Being your authentic self means taking action to meet your needs; expressing who you really are, thinking good thoughts about yourself and taking action to do what you really want.   56 more words

Conscious Living



Naked as the black

and shifting sea

spilt over the edges,


moon comes elbowing

into the room

taking over slices

of hardwood,

pieces of soul. 258 more words

Jim and the comic book 

This is the story of Jim. Jim was a mild mannered man, who went to work every day, sat at his desk and did his job. 963 more words


Lost Magic


Beatrice Smooth erased her air,

facing down mystery with her stare.

She minced the meat, stalked the care

and drove the attic off the wall, 464 more words

The Beginning of New Beginnings ...

 Appreciative self-discovery burns away the illusions of the false ‘self’ and, like a phoenix, the ‘Authentic Self’ rises from the ashes … the tipping point … the beginning of new beginnings.

~ Judit e. Szabo