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no. 427

It was the beginning of the sun | That was how she fell asleep in my arms, so peaceful | The world rolled out of her unconscious hand | let others chase it now, and I | will chase it too | as you can see | Small birds upon the surface of the moon, they sing for her | and the snake’s young | twist inside their eggs, they feel they must | set out at once, on their journey, or else | they’ll never reach their end | Her sleep is my repose | For each | of the snakes within my heart | I light a flame, and to each | slithering flame | I bring a dark… 141 more words


Saturday 31st August

  • In bed – 9.41pm
  • Lights off – 12.17am
  • Woke up – 8.05am

Today was another chilled out and relaxed day, watching a couple of scary film in the darkened living room. 110 more words


Friday 30th August

  • In bed – 9.23pm
  • Lights off – 12.13am
  • Woke up – 8.45am

Today was a relax day, and I did lots of cooking too (a korma from scratch, with homemade paneer), so my awareness was attempted at keeping high, though it didn’t work so much, I got distracted by the cooking… failed often, but did try. 636 more words


Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim


Boys who spent their weekends making banana nut muffins did not, as a rule, excel in the art of hand-to-hand combat.

So I… 182 more words

Book Reviews

Thursday 29th August

  • In bed – 9.47pm
  • Lights off – 12.09am
  • Woke up – 9.00am

Today was a usual day, work, writing and singing. I did pretty good awareness and RC, with even some in-day meditation. 262 more words


no. 99

Essential, until the stroke or slow | lightning strike of age | takes out a brick here, a pipe where | the rain ran down in fir-tree shade | there | Lawrence, Lawrence of Arabia… | To put oneself | in the right place, or | somewhere near the right place, never | really in the right place | to carry out this | ritual without priests or lucid rules or aim | to pen back | the light untroubled | by these signs | the silence of | ordinary conversation | it is | a fork in nothing | it is not | wanted, not requested, or cherished | merely | how here came about | this time | delicately | drummed up from a Japanese garden | and the fragile air between | loquat and wild cherry | a pocket of sense | formed in a moment, in a moment | dissolved | undone… | Essential, and irrelevant | Provisional, trivial, unnecessary and | essential…

176 more words

Wednesday 28th August

  • In bed – 10.10pm
  • Lights off – 11.01pm
  • Woke up – 8.01am

Not a lot happened today really… that is all. Dream prep was general awareness were pretty good again, I think, but I can’t help but feel like I’m being really lazy with  it, or with the in-bed/waking up at least… 323 more words