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Fun reactions to immersive reality

Adorable Elderly People React To Virtual Reality Device Oculus Rift

After asking a group of game elders to test out Google Glass, the Fine Brothers upped the ante on futuristic technology of today and showed them Oculus Rift, a virtual reality device (and not a rock group like one lady assumed). 63 more words

Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality in action

This week our group made some really good progress on the programming side of things as far as the networking and Augmented Reality goes. In the video below you see multiple players moving around the screen, the footage is a screen record of one of the phones playing.  91 more words


It just got super easy to integrate Leap Motion with Oculus Rift

Since debuting its desktop gesture control device a year ago, Leap Motion has been a very computer-centric company. But that changed today when it released a small plastic clip and big software update that integrate the Leap Motion controller with Oculus Rift. 478 more words

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Robots Among Us

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magicArthur C. Clarke

It’s not often I can squeeze a picture of Tricia Helfer, a reference to… 1,173 more words

Future Of News

Have you ever looked at a poster, read the instuctions on it and still did not quite know what to do?

Say hello to Aurasma… 176 more words

Augmented Reality

The state of virtual reality

The rise and fall and rise of virtual reality

The promise of virtual reality has always been enormous. Put on these goggles, go nowhere, and be transported anywhere. 156 more words

Virtual Reality