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I want you 

bent beneath, a long shining
wave curved under a driving force,
hair spilling and cresting on the
breakwater of a windward shore… 25 more words


Day 0470

Now there’s a feeling I haven’t had in a good long while: attraction to a male human being.
It’s especially nice as there is no potential for it to go anywhere, just that nice thrum of enjoying someone’s physical company. 58 more words


already you tell me things
I forgot I told you
and will soon forget again

already you beat within,
a second heart, a second
life, a first happiness… 36 more words


Day 265 - Year 3

Day 265 – Year 3 – Aragvi River Gorge, Georgia

I love these types of landscapes!

And with that, I am on vacation! See everyone on the 22nd. 12 more words


Day 264 - Year 3

Day 264 – Year 3 – Skippers Canyon, New Zealand

New Zealand has it all, don’t they? 16 more words


Day 263 - Year 3

Day 263 – Year 3 – Katherine Gorge, Northern Territory, Australia

Might as well go Down Under! 12 more words


Day 262 - Year 3

Day 262 – Year 3 – Fjaðrárgljúfur, Iceland

Pretty. 25 more words