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An erudite perspective on the Atonement

Christ didn’t die to improve our self-esteem; he died to give us his. He didn’t come to build up our self-worth; he came to knock it down…

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Romance with God

There is a statement that I love to mention, it gets very interesting responses. When talking about the love of God, the story of what God has done for us, the impact that God has in our lives, I refer it to the fact that “there is a sense of romance about doing life with God.” The most annoying response I get when I mention this is the awkward laugh or stare as if it’s wrong for me to say it. 331 more words



We believers like to remind ourselves that we don’t need to do missionary work in other countries because there are plenty of lost souls here at home. 614 more words


41 words on taking the credit

You will soon discover the true heart of a Christian when you tell him that he may take no credit for his good deeds.

In our indignation how quickly have we forgotten that neither are we credited with our bad ones.

Musings On Life

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Exodus 12:43-13:2

43 And the LORD said to Moses and Aaron, “This is the permanent rule of the Passover: no outsider is to eat of it, 44 but after you have circumcised him, any slave that a man has purchased with silver may eat of it. 436 more words

Jesus Christ

The Beginning

I have heard it said time and time again that life doesn’t begin until you have graduated from college, are married and are struggling to make it in the “real world.” Now, I am none of these things, so things can be completely different outside of my college Mormon-y bubble, but I believe that my life “began” a long time ago.  483 more words