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The Forest on a Rainy Day

Everyone goes outside on a sunny day, takes walks along the river or through the forest. But have you ever taken the time to go sit in the forest by yourself on a rainy day? 195 more words

Short Texts

Odd but true...

I find this picture strangely very comforting…

when you stop

and look . . .

…the world stops too

and when you pause again it smiles…and listens to you too.

@the outer hebrides / south uist



For too long I have tried my best to please everyone . Going the extra mile for people who wouldn’t go an extra inch for me . Well , its independence day :)


Euphoric/Dysphoric Haiku

Strands of I

When I am wholly

at peace, bifurcated (k)not:

tallow’s tail — docked, snuffed.

Untitled, rhyming 1

This patchwork world frays

arrayed lives, brocaded days. 125 more words