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The Feynman Lectures

Another story from my summer at the Summer Science Program – the summer of 1974 doing orbital calculations on an asteroid. That was back when I wanted to be an astronomer/physicist when I grew up. 270 more words


An Eagle for Him and Her

The Eagle Nebula is a large stellar cloud with a cluster of jewels in the midst. Linda and I have equipment to see a widefield view of this beauty, and it was her request for the night of August 26th to study and sketch it. 494 more words


Seth Shostak of SETI Institute at his Eloquent Best.

SETI Institute

Seth Shostak. ’nuff said.

SETI Institute – 189 Bernardo Ave., Suite 100
Mountain View, CA 94043
Phone 650.961.6633 – Fax 650-961-7099
Privacy Policy… 12 more words

Basic Research

Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity and how it was finally proved on the 1922 solar eclipse expedition

Albert Einstein 1921 by F Schmutzer Public DomainFerdinand Schmutzer ,  http://web.archive.org/web/20071026151415/http://www.anzenbergergallery.com/en/article/134.html

In late August 1922 a group of astronomers, naval men, and Aboriginal stockmen began the arduous task of unloading their complicated scientific equipment and stores from boats onto a deserted beach on the coast of Western Australia. 2,434 more words

Science Technology

The Tiger's Mother

Tomorrow my first born starts her junior year of high school. She’s in her room right now excitedly packing for the morning and humming a happy tune. 182 more words

I Need To Tell You About This Right Now

Intelligent Design?

I just love these images.  On the left, you have the brain cell, which is has three neurons and their connections to one another; the other is a snap shot of our present-day universe with its own yellow galaxies and surrounded by “stars and dark matter” (Source: http://sprott.physics.wisc.edu/ – Accessed 02/09/14).   149 more words


Andromeda galaxy


This is from the fantastic website, ASTRONOMY PICTURE OF THE DAY.  The pictures are amazing.  This is the galaxy that will eventually merge with ours, the Milky Way.   20 more words