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September's Inspiring Astrology and Moon Time Tips

Welcome to September,

Spring has begun and its time to see what’s in the stars for you. Click on the following link for my complete newsletter with everything you need to grow well in life and in the garden. 769 more words


Unschooling and Saturn through Sagittarius

Saturn is about tradition, discipline, delays, rules and learning while Sagittarius is about soaring to new heights in physicality and consciousness. The planet and sign are not necessarily opposed but they don’t speak the same language either. 1,383 more words



‘There’s magic in the world and I get to live it.’ This is what I wrote earlier today in connection with a gift I have received this morning. 1,260 more words

Daily Lovescope

Love Horoscopes – September 1, 2014

from – http://dailylovescopes.com

Aries: You may feel as if your life is one of those widely popular romance movies. Sexual needs are just one of the life issues emphasized for you at this time. 1,616 more words

Daily Horoscopes

Approach of my Saturn Return

After just celebrating my 28th birthday there is one thing resonating in my mind…My Saturn Return is quickly approaching (Dun dun dunnnn)! A Saturn Return in astrology is when the planet Saturn returns to the same point in the sky as it was the moment you were  born. 459 more words


Watch Mercury Again in September (Small planet, big impact.)

Some people star gaze.  Others watch birds, football, or the weather.  Me?  I watch Mercury.  Why?  Because this little planet rules communication (plus a whole lot more), and communication determines the quality and outcome of everything from soccer games to international relationships.  1,045 more words