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Gap Minder: The Joy of Stats

The first assignment for my Science communication skills class was to watch a video titled “The Joy of Stats“. I found the video to be very enlightening on the topic of statistics. 253 more words


Assignment 1

The “Joy of Stats” video reveals that statistics is one of the most exciting topics in the world.  The subject is presented in this exciting manner from the very beginning by colorful displays and augmented reality. 208 more words


The Joy of Stats Review

Hans Rosling did an excellent job producing The Joy of Stats.  I honestly was not very thrilled about having to watch the video at first but the more I watched I found myself thoroughly interested in it’s content. 116 more words


Assignment #1

This video entitled “The Joy of Stats” follows Hans Rosling as he shares his love of data and statistics.  In this video, Rosling says that he believes that stats is “one of the sexiest subjects around.” This documentary includes clips from various lectures and Ted talks that Rosling has given.   180 more words

Article Reviews

Listening Homework Due September 4

Tonight you will listen to a podcast titled:  Do video games produce real-life violence?

These words will be helpful in understanding the podcast.  I recommend that you look these words up before you listen! 171 more words


"The Joy of Stats" Review

In “The Joy of Stats,” Hans Rosling makes the statement that statistics is not boring, but rather more interesting and necessary than most individuals give credit for. 175 more words


Science Journal Issue Description

Science is filled with articles relating to recent research, methods, and discoveries, articles advertising new technology, and articles covering a variety of topics from medicine to earthquakes to molecular biology and astronomy.   85 more words