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Part 1: A Confession

Hello, my name is Justin. I like video games, mixed martial arts, making movies, and a bunch of nerdy things.

Oh, I also have autism, depression and anxiety. 901 more words


Day 3: He's just a little quirky.

So as I’ve started this blog I have also been looking for other blogs to follow. I have made a stark realization in that so far I am one of very few writing from the outside looking in. 1,501 more words


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the acceptance of cultural differences in communication were extended to Asperger people!


click for full article with photos: National Geographic blog PHEMOMENA (edited here for length) 2,121 more words


Starting equal

In Finland, all expectant mothers get a box full of essentials to prepare them for their new arrival. I love this idea. Each baby gets the same box of stuff, whether they’re from a rich family or a poor one, whether they’re sick, disabled, or healthy. 177 more words


Day 2.1: Frustration got the better of me.

Tonight I got pretty badly stressed out. I went out and bought that heavy bag. I would rather punch my frustrations out on that instead of holding them in. 247 more words


Aspergirls and Emotions - why she is always misunderstood as being cold and aloof

It is a common misconception that Aspergirls do not feel any emotions. I dispute that myth completely and utterly. Aspergirls are actually the most sensitive, loving and caring creatures ever to walk this planet. 790 more words


"Must be Aspie": Limiting one's self to dating within the spectrum

I don’t know about you, but to me, courtship is like juggling bars of wet soap while blindfolded, walking a tightrope, and reciting Shakespeare in Elvish. 278 more words