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i have this friend, and to protect identity i’m calling her Hannah. She’s a strange one my Hannah, definitely one in a million and sometimes, almost always i want to wring her neck.  503 more words

Asperger Syndrome


Hi Readers

I was about to blog about a different topic entirely, but a phone call has changed my mind completely.

I have just spoken to a teacher (I shall not be specific) who wanted advice on the way to approach a group of autistic individuals.  399 more words


Aspies are great at LOTS of things!

A while ago we blogged this.

mum found the picture and we chatted and I decided to try to see what STRENGTHS my aspergers gave me. 801 more words

Fionn's Views


Problems with communication are universal among autistic people, but they can be expressed in very different ways. One thing that seems to be quite common is a temporary inability to speak – sometimes called selective mutism or being nonverbal. 734 more words



My autistic brain means I stress over the smallest things, and need reassurance from those I trust. I ruminate over and over.. Today there were land surveyors doing the block of land next door. 357 more words

Sunday 31st August

Day Started:6am
Breakfast: Porridge with soya milk and English breakfast tea
Location: London

Well, my sister has officially left. Mum and I drove her to see C at around 15:30 and we got back at 18:00. 546 more words