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Book Spotlight: Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer

I picked up Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close after being fairly entertained by author Jonathan Safran Foer’s preceding novel, Everything Is Illuminated. This story is about Oskar Schell, an unusual young boy whose narration is eccentric and quite Holden Caulfield-like. 172 more words

Book Spotlight

Shopping with Autism

The GIRL likes to shop. I don’t really mind it and funny thing is the BOY actually enjoys it. I actually think it’s good for him because he gets to work on his social skills, something most individuals with autism have difficulty with. 690 more words


School days

These first few weeks of school have been rough. Especially for M. Every day, he asks to stay home from school. He asks if he is all done and that he doesn’t like school anymore. 269 more words


My first week of school

I started school last week. I have to go to a regular classroom instead of a special classroom. That’s scary. There are 26 kids in my class and only one teacher. 538 more words


Thursday 28th August

Day Started:6am
Breakfast: Cereal (smacks) with soya milk and English breakfast tea
Location: Zürich

Here in Switzerland people’s meal’s during the day are usually as follows; 213 more words



Dear Reader,

I’m not really very good at looking after myself. Once again, I have run out of medication, now this might not sound like a big deal, but I haven’t taken an antidepressant for about 4 days now so I guess they are starting to leave my system. 394 more words