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Inversions, Turn your Practice Upside Down with Sirsasana

sirsasana 2 (tripod headstand)

sirsasana 1 (supported headstand)

Sirsasana 1 & 2  (Headstand) look physically challenging, but  most yoga practitioners can move into these inversions relatively easily… 349 more words


A New Song

Oh blogworld, it feels like a lifetime since I have put words to my thoughts! My last post was over a month ago, which pretty much… 951 more words


Learn Ekapadasana - The One-legged Pose

Ekapadasana – The One-legged Pose

The Sanskrit word eka means one and pada means foot making this the one-foot, or more commonly, one-legged pose.

1. Stand with the feet together and the arms by your sides (tadasana). 292 more words


Practice Journal: Facing the Fear

This week I have encountered some resistance from my body and mind. Firstly, I have been having issues with insomnia and secondly I am starting to feel pain in my neck and my right knee in my practice. 742 more words


The Amazing Raw Cacao

I’ve been feeling inspired to write about raw cacao just because I love it so much!  There are so many health benefits to consuming raw cacao- that’s why it’s known as a “superfood”.   370 more words

Yoni Mudra

Yoga for Menstrual Cramps/Alleviate and Purify

This Yoga practice blends asana, mudra and pranayama and is especially designed to relieve and reduce pain caused by pre-menstrual or menstrual cramping. 139 more words


learning chakrasana

Chakrasana (Backward Somersault) presents both a physical and psychological challenge to many. Chakra means “wheel,” which correlates to both the rolling action of the somersault and the circular shape of the spine as you perform the pose. 391 more words