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Artificial Intelligent Robots May Exterminate Human Race "Out of Kindness" Says Scientist

Mark Dice, August 2014

Artificial Intelligent Robots May Exterminate Human Race “Out of Kindness” Says Scientist


Artificial Replacement

In the little ties the memories gel

A lack of lust and full indulgence

Forever coded in the digital screen

Without a trace of external stimulation… 114 more words

Ensayo sobre “Computing Machinery and Intelligence” [Turing]

Turing se muestra como un humano ambicioso y nos pregunta ¿las máquinas pueden pensar? Y no se queda en establecer la pregunta, además, se atreve a establecer una tesis descrita mediante un juego. 670 more words


we live in a world where the

soft gleam of gold can easily buy us 

blood, sweat, soul

but is all this not in artifice? 91 more words

I Love Surprises

I appologize for the delay in my posting of the first chapter. I just managed to get settled in for good in my new apartment. I have classes tomorrow and its going to be interesting. 204 more words



Hello readers. I am proud to announce the coming of my first novel, Artificial. This book is a science fiction set in the present day and age. 243 more words