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Penman No. 112: Exercises for the Editorially Minded

Penman for Monday, September 1, 2014

TO MY pleasant surprise, last week’s piece on what editors do drew a stream of positive responses—I never imagined that so many readers would find the thankless and dimly illuminated job of editing so fascinating—but my biggest surprise after the column came out was to realize that I’d already written not just one but two columns on editing, back in 2010. 894 more words

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Disney Declined Stan Lee's Original 'Guardians of the Galaxy', Dismissing it as 'Too Vulgar'

ATLANTA, Sept. 2 (UPI) — Despite appearing on screen flirting with young woman so aggressively a talking raccoon calls him a “prevert,” Stan Lee‘s original cameo in… 332 more words

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O que Yayoi Kusama e Emma têm em comum?

Bon Iver começou a existir como banda em 2007 lançando seu primeiro EP independente no mesmo ano. Em Fevereiro de 2008 o álbum For Emma, Forever Ago… 823 more words

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Why have I been off? Bienal. That’s why.

Muita gente me perguntou porque eu estava sumida nesses últimos meses. A resposta, em geral, era curta: a Bienal (de Arte) de Curitiba. Isso porquê eu estava correndo tanto que nem tempo/força eu tinha de responder melhor. 717 more words

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China's Museum Boom

China’s hunger for knowledge fuels museum boom http://t.co/eoXJeq4QcR (There’s even one about roast duck) pic.twitter.com/UNkMguW1q3

— BBC News (World) (@BBCWorld) September 2, 2014

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Miranda's 'Somebody' App Makes Us All Performers

July’s latest brainchild is not merely another fad to be added to the long list of apps with their five minutes of fame. Oh, no. … 395 more words

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