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Today's Portrait: FIREFIGHTER

No, today’s portrait isn’t a flower! It’s occurred to me that other objects besides flowers can emanate presence and personality. Can demonstrate QUIDDITAS, the quality that Aristotle meant when he wrote of “thatness,” or “whatness,” or “what it is.” 141 more words


Labour Day & the Registrar

Loverboy’s most famous song, and one of my favourites, is “Everybody’s Working for the Weekend.”

For years, I dreamed about, planned and basically lived all week for the weekend. 688 more words

Quotes for Public Speakers (No. 188) - Aristotle

“[I]t is not enough to know what we ought to say; we must also say it as we ought … It is, essentially, a matter of the right management of the voice to express the various emotions—of speaking loudly, softly, or between the two; of high, low, or intermediate pitch; of the various rhythms that suit various subjects. 25 more words

Public Speaking

MAD = "Make A Difference"

 Aristotle is right. Anger can be good for you because it’s designed to protect us, our relationships and our way of seeing the world. In the everlasting battle between right and wrong, the bodily effects of anger are meant to tell us that something’s wrong.   23 more words


Thoughts for Friday - 29th August 2014

Well, it’s only taken me nearly a year of writing these Thoughts for Friday posts before I actually got round to using a quote from an actual philosopher….. 426 more words

Aspiring Writer