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For the past few months me and my fiance have done nothing but argue and fight with each other with little bits of rest in between. 683 more words


The Not So Brilliant Side of Marriage

I have been married for a little more than five years. Husband is my best friend and I love him very much and I have never regretted getting married.  553 more words

Family Life


I feel kind of guilty that I pushed Romeo away last night and told him to leave me alone but I was in such a stupid mood. 132 more words


How to Argue on the Internet

Step one: Evaluate yourself.

Are you emotionally stable? Do you have enough energy for this conversation? Is this topic really important enough that it merits a mini-essay on why the other person is mistaken? 269 more words

Arguments are a Funny Thing

In an effort to calm me down during an argument once, my boyfriend (we’ll call him E) laid out some seriously wise words that I’ll never forget. 333 more words

The Argument Appetizer

The World is wide open to observation and speculative thinking. Different minds evolve and formulate different: philosophical, political, religious, and ideological mindsets; based off experience, feeling, culture, or upbringing.   197 more words


They bicker and jab,

bitch and nag.

They insult and growl,

scream and scowl.

Then it’s over, they forget.

There’s nothing left to regret.

I am irritated. 107 more words