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Jesus, the Meta Communicator

One day as Jesus was teaching the people in the temple courts and proclaiming the good news, the chief priests and the teachers of the law, together with the elders, came up to him.  606 more words


Argument Set-Up: you got a problem with that?

With help from Joseph Harris and Gerald Graff, we have begun to think and rethink argument as something both social and dynamic–something that moves and responds to other arguments, other ideas. 1,168 more words

My Blog

A Momentous Paradigm Shift, The Long Journey of an Aspiring Writer and Some Babbling?

   The Gutenberg Elegies by Sven Birkerts is a book that features a series of pieces that discuss literature, writing, and the ever changing state of literacy in our society today. 1,017 more words

Vent: Epic Fight

My friend (ex-gf), A. and I just had an epic fight. I’ve been staying at her place for almost 3 weeks but I’ve been away for at least 7 nights over that time. 1,536 more words


My tire expertise almost caused a breakup

So I’m in the tire shop and they showing me tires, I’m inspecting them, not to happy with the first couple I saw. So basically I had them boys WORKING! 71 more words

The Truth

This is not abusive behaviour

This whole project is about blurred lines and trying to work out what counts as abuse and what is just bad behaviour that you can put up with or manage in various ways. 1,245 more words


open air argument

window open and words flying out

even louder and heard more extreme

and how it explodes and what it seeks

and how it talks and wakes the whole block… 45 more words