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Going To War

ew years back I teamed up with another writer on a screenplay. (My policy is try anything once). Together we wrote a treatment. We submitted it to one of the Canadian government film financing agencies. 586 more words

The Journey

My Experience With Writing: A Love-Hate Relationship

In this world filled with uncertainty and gray areas, there is one thing I can be absolutely sure of: like it or not, no matter what you do, you need to be able to write. 397 more words


Love is

Love is kissing open mouthed, even when your partner is sick. Even if you just caught Mono. That’s love baby.

Love is thinking someone is a perfect 10. 189 more words


Attacking Fantasy Football Myths: The PPR System is Better

A PPR scoring system is not better than a standard scoring system. I’m not going to completely address it because this is a pretty good article (though, the first five I read were crap), and there is no point rewriting everything. 1,353 more words


Reinterpretating an idea

Amid reading Rewriting by Joseph Harris, I found it interesting that my job as an intellectual writer is “to push at and question what has been said before, to rethink and reinterpret the texts he or she is dealing with” (2). 83 more words



Apologies for not blogging for aaaaages, my head has been all over the place. But something happened last night which I felt would make for an interesting post. 207 more words

THOUGHTS - Facts Never Saved Anyone

Some years ago, when I was still an immature Christian, I got in an argument with an older guy who wasn’t a Christian.  He was very bright, but a little misguided, and I could see lots of holes in his reasoning.  379 more words