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Playing Greedy

One must be careful betting on Greedy as Heather ended up with all my clothes after the first game.

SL Diary

raspberry's half-birthday

It’s Raspberry’s half-birthday today, so she’s officially six-and-a-half. We’ve been celebrating her half-birthday since she was born, initially with banana bread and then as she got older, cupcakes, but it’s never really been much of a big deal beyond that.
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a friday in pictures

A morning spent with interactive art with friends, and an afternoon making art at the Tate.

a quick trip to birkenhead

Raspberry and I took a hop, skip and jump over the river to Birkenhead a few days ago to see the Richard Hamilton exhibition at the Williamson Art Gallery and Museum.
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Random Mutterings Of Rusty Chains

There is a slight heaviness building up where my heart used to be

I can feel it pounding…. each beat as painful as the breath i take in… 153 more words