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Scottish Independence Referendum


The clock is ticking towards probably the most crucial political decision ever faced by Scotland – “Should Scotland be an independent country: yes/no?


The Photographer's/Writer's Role in the Archive

Derrida’s statement that “archivization produces as much as it records the event” (23), is exemplified in Erika Larsen’s Photograph Not Taken.  At first I began thinking of how computers, cameras, and other photography equipment have changed the way we archive images, but then I realized none of this technology had any effect on the situation.   281 more words

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CAL – Item # G-30 – Area Archives

WHAT I LEARNED:  Much like a library’s collection, archives grow continuously & are typically limited by physical space.  This Guideline focuses on the preservation of Al-Anon’s local history, but only from a standpoint of keeping paper items & audio tapes… 127 more words


Reading Notes: Octalog 1 and 3

Octalog 1 & 3 Reading Notes

Octalog 1

Published 1998

James Berlin, Robert Connors, Sharon Crowley, Richard Enos, Victor Vitanza, Susan Jarett, Nan Johnson, Jan Swearingen, James Murphy (Moderator) … 988 more words

It must be autumn – the interns have flown

It seems very quiet this week, now the last of our undergraduate interns has left us. A week ago, third year Earth sciences student Keyron Hickman-Lewis identified and numbered his last tray of specimens from the 19th century Parker collection, photographed some of the finest Jurassic fish jaws, sharks’ teeth, and other beautifully preserved fossils, before heading home to enjoy a well-earned break. 334 more words

Life Collections


Labor Day seems like the appropriate time to consider salaries in the fields of archives and libraries.  In 2012, the Society of American Archivists (SAA) created the SNAP Roundtable — for Students and New Archives Professionals.  275 more words


Free Printable Calendar – September 2014

I can’t believe it’s September already! (I know, I probably say that every month during the summer.) I’m just not ready to say good-bye to summer yet. 118 more words