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A Lifeguard Leaving: Why It Was Right

I’m going to miss taking my underwear off for work. And while that innuendo may seem sexual to some, let me clarify and say that it is not! 975 more words


Remember That Time I Went Back To School?

Today is the first day of school for many around the country, including students at the college I recently graduated from. It feels weird not to be taking any classes this Fall semester. 471 more words


Women in Labor History

Happy (belated) Labor Day!  The Zinn Education Project: Women in Labor History page is an excellent resource honoring the women who fought for workers rights, a few of whom are included in the American Women’s project! 18 more words

American Women Making History And Culture: 1963-1982


In the interest of personal safety, it is necessary to recognise that individuals who will commit crimes exist. Despite forms of law and order developing within human communities millennia ago, there is still an ongoing struggle to see that people adhere to these standards. 509 more words