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Commercial Aquaponics and the need for data

I just finished writing a little piece about commercial-level aquaponic’s need for more thorough data and then found this blog. ¬†Another interesting perspective on the challenges of large aquaponics. ¬†Enjoy!

Silly Fish!

We had a windy night with lots of rain. So much wine it caused the protective mesh catcher on the aquaponics tank to move. I guess one of the goldfish got too close and was sucked in. 352 more words


1st Aquaponics Romaine Lettuce

Here is a piccy of the first romaine lettuce from the aquaponics system. It is photographed as it was pulled out complete with hydroton tangled in with the roots. 63 more words


System Cycled

After not sure how many weeks the aquaponics system has taken to cycle but finally those stubborn nitrites have fallen off. Well not really fallen more the biological filter has established to convert them into nitrates. 145 more words


Aquaponics Update

I will do a quick update on the aquaponics starting with the plants. Lettuce seems to be the big success so far.

This is probably why a lot of the advice for new systems is to start with lettuce and basil like plants that do not feed to heavily. 134 more words


Nitrite Spike

Managed to loose the card with the different levels and colours from the water testing kit. Luckily there is the internet and a replacement card can be found. 49 more words


Nitrites and Nitrates galore....

So after a week or so of slow building the system seems to be taking off. The nitrites are off the scale at approx 10ppm. I diluted 50/50 with water to verify this approximation. 87 more words