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Day 13

Things I’m thankful for today…

1. The law of attraction. Understanding this makes a bad day almost humorous. I appreciate understanding that I attract everything; the good, bad and yes those rude people too. 116 more words


Gratitude Day Nine

Things to be grateful for! (This post is from a couple of days ago – I was on an Ipad, so hence chose to save it as a draft – until today!) 98 more words


la rentrée

Today is la rentrée in France and in some parts of the United States–it’s back-to-school day. I walked down my little Royat street this morning to see little children playing in the elementary school yard. 587 more words

Feeling grateful..

It’s not simply the joy of receiving, I am filled with gratification and appreciation. 

When you chose to leave your environment, life, work, social network, and family.. 1,850 more words


In Praise of Cats

This is a picture of one of my cats. Her name is Beldin and she was born in the cupboard in my bedroom some 13+ years ago. 250 more words


Texture of a heart

When we caress a rock
We appreciate its texture
Marvel how it can be so different
Merely by maneuvering it in our hands
Smooth and soft on one side… 32 more words


Contrast of Life

I lock the doors to my home and take off on a leisurely bike ride. Meanwhile, the man makes his bed on the hard concrete under the bridge. 562 more words