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NEW VLOG: Styling my hair with Cerebral Palsy

Hi everyone,

My lovely little sister agreed to do my hair for me today so I made a vlog about it:

Body confidence when pregnant

Snappy title there huh!

As somebody who often blogs about ‘body confidence’ in the media, and my own problems with body confidence, being pregnant has been an interesting experience for me. 374 more words

Body Image Blogging


Waste time and effort

To show who I really am

‘Till I’m nothing but



What is the definition of beauty? This definition is different to everyone. For myself, I find that being beautiful physically is something the media has influenced and brainwashed into viewers. 213 more words


NEW VLOG: looking at Cerebral Palsy in my refelction

Hi guys,

I’m back with a brand new vlog. Thanks to everyone who watched the last one. Today I talk about how I feel when I look in the mirror and notice how my Cerebral Palsy impacts on the way I hold myself.

Confidence and compliments

I often find that these 2 go hand in hand. Just this week, a girl told my little sister she thought I was pretty and that made me feel good (especially as I wasn’t wearing make-up that day, minus the brows). 63 more words