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Wait, That Must Be Something

Hello, I’m Josh. I have anxiety. I have tried all of the self-help methods of treatment to no avail. I have visited therapist, talked to family, and even tried herbal remedies. 539 more words


How to Diagnose an Anxiety Disorder Symptom

http://ift.tt/1ymEJ1X – How to Diagnose an Anxiety Disorder Symptom

The first and most crucial point for any disease is the diagnosis. If any cure or treatment should be applied, then you must first know what you are suffering from in the first place. 410 more words


Things I do when I'm Anxious + Coping Mechanisms for Anxious Ticks

When I feel anxious:

  1. I fidget with my hands. I squeeze them together, I mush my fingers with the palm of my other hand, I press my fingernails into my thumbs and flick them downwards, and I squeeze the edges of my fingernails inwards.
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Sweaty Palms

My hands are way too sweaty, WordPress! WordPress. Kubrick.


Sisterhood Of The World Bloggers Award

I never imagined myself in a sisterhood of anything… this is a great honor. As I prepared this and the last post, I realized what a mess of emotion I wasted on unimportant things in the last month. 640 more words


my first assignment for my drawing 1 class is a self portrait.
it’s made more difficult by the fact that we have to do it from the mirror and not from a photo. 323 more words


Music Box: Pulp's "This Is Hardcore"

Pulp’s This Is Hardcore, released in 1998, is a testament of anxiety in our culture, the diary of someone failing at life despite having success, a war report from the front of unsuccessfully battling to fill the void. 1,405 more words