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Antique Kaajal case - Mid 1800's.

The latest addition and now the Pièce de Résistance of my Beauty Antique collection. This vintage cartridge for Surma or ‘Kaajal’ is quite traditionally South Asian. 



Collectibles of the Week--Memories of School Days

I  have so many wonderful collectibles acquired over the last 80+ years.  Some were gifts, some were part of my life growing up, some are inherited, some were purchased at antique malls and thrift stores  – all are precious to me.  242 more words


Chinese Han Dynasty Pottery Jar


Rare painted pottery jar with cover.   Often time the cover would be missing.  Traces of red paint.  Han Dynasty, 2nd century BC.  43 cm tall


19th Century Chinese Wedding Headdress


Superb example of a 19th century Chinese wedding headdress.  Applied kingfisher feather.  Inset with natural tourmaline.  21 cm wide x 16 cm tall


Huge Chinese Opaque Amber Mila Boulder


Huge Chinese golden opaque amber mila.  100% natural with no enhancements.   71 grams.  88 x 68 x 18 mm.


18th Century Chinese Sang de Boeuf Porcelain Vase


Superb Sang de Boeuf glaze Chinese porcelain in elegant form of the bottle vase.  18th century Qianlong period.  29 cm tall


18th Century Chinese Hetian Jade Belt Buckle

$5000 USD

Here is a superb example of 18th century jade belt buckle.   It is nephrite jade from Hetian, Xinjiang.  Qianlong Period.  9.5 cm long.  66 grams

18th Century