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Anita Sarkeesian got her First Ever Death threat

Anita has been receiving death threats for years apparently, or at least she says she has. But the death threat in question was apparently this… 327 more words


A Feminist Resurgence?

Women’s Liberation -that’s what we used to call the women’s movement when I was a teenager. It sounded like a good idea to me, even though I didn’t really know what it was all about. 855 more words

Video: Did Zoe Quinn rape her boyfriend after cheating?

It’s about 9 minutes in if you’re short on time. I would say yes, because the person doesn’t know who they’re consenting to, but it’s personal opinion. 280 more words

Team Sofia

If a woman flaunts her sexuality and says she’s a feminist she is the best feminist ever, a real champion for the cause. If a woman flaunts her sexuality just because she wants to and if, worse yet, she does so in the vicinity of a man… well, and I’m paraphrasing feminist thought here, isn’t that just telling of our horribly misogynistic culture? 1,116 more words


Vox Day: Reporting a rape you were too incapacitated to fully remember is like calling the cops when you can't remember where you parked your car [UPDATED: Vox attacks anti-racists as child abuse enablers]

In the world of fantasy writer and all-around hateful shithead Vox Day, women who are raped when they’re too drunk to consent should just suck it up, because reporting their rapes would be akin to someone calling police when they can’t remember where they’ve parked their car. 573 more words


Something You May Not Have Known About Me...

I LOVE female characters. In videogames, in books, in anime, I adore them. Especially if they are powerful. I espessially love women who are either average and powerful, or more masculine and powerful. 366 more words


Heartiste: If society doesn't mistreat women, they'll all get fat and disagreeable

It’s rare that they come out and say it this explicitly, but here’s Heartiste, arguing that unless society treats women badly they won’t give him a boner. 109 more words