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Some Female Celebs Aren't Feminists! (Oh, the horror! What a world, what a world!)

I am a pacifist! War is bad. Violence begets more violence, and that’s a bad thing. Boo using physical force as the solution to your problems when there are other means available. 2,297 more words


"Yes Means Yes" Consent Laws

So California is perched on the edge of passing the first ever
consent law
regarding rape on college campuses. Basically women no longer have to… 466 more words

The Absurdity of our Times

Interpretation of Feminism from a possibly straight, sane man. Who will know when the last sane man turns mad or goes gay? Is it possible some lesbians will change sides? 29 more words


I am NOT a Men's Rights Activist. Here's Why . . .

Am I going to piss off my reader-base with this post, or what? Fuck it.

Okay, you guys know I’m not a feminist. I’ve been very open about it. 3,888 more words


Brainless, Faithless, Heartless, Mindless

Romans 1:31 describes a particular group of committed ungodly  people this way.  I’ll give three translations of the same passage:

 …without understanding, untrustworthy, unloving, unmerciful… 1,033 more words


Video: Did Zoe Quinn rape her boyfriend after cheating?

It’s about 9 minutes in if you’re short on time. I would say yes, because the person doesn’t know who they’re consenting to, but it’s personal opinion. 280 more words

Modern Feminism: Tasteless Hypocrisy

Recently, XO Jane, a website featuring women’s interests, published a quasi-humorous article titled “YOUR MISANDRY PLAYLIST: MY 15 FAVORITE SONGS ABOUT KILLING AND/OR HATING MEN… 252 more words