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The end of posts as you know it

If you are seeing this page, this blog has run out of scheduled posts. Most likely, some kind of technical problem like my ISP’s apparent hatred of me… 154 more words



Okay so I had to buy a couple books for my tools for college success class and now I am having to get a textbook for my college dual enrollment class. 94 more words


Quizbol Questions

Soooo….. I really don’t feel like writing questions for these books. I don’t want to stop in the middle of reading a really good book to write down questions about important things and I don’t want to read and finish a book just to go back and have to reread or relive all the horrible daunting parts of the book when I know what bad things are going to happen at the end. 46 more words


Unnecessary retribution.

Dear Ashley,

I haven’t written to you since you said we should take baby steps. Mostly I’m still angry that you deleted me off of your Facebook. 107 more words

Pahk Ya Cah? Can't! They'll be BLOOD IN THE STREETS!

(from JayG, in part)

More great news from the land I escaped…

Boston Puts Brakes On Haystack Parking App

A new app that allows people to find parking spaces in Boston is being shut down in response to a vote by the city council.

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'everything That's Old Is New Again'

Ain't no body got time fo thaa sheeeet....!!

Girls… I did it!! I took the plunge. Nah, I’m only kidding don’t be thinking I have done something totally irrational and totally stupid. Okay, maybe just a tad. 780 more words

The Same Problem

I already kind of made a post about my writing woes, but I’ve already reached a point where I need to do it again. It annoys me to no end that I keep feeling the… 424 more words